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A further chance for your input on the proposed EU Data Protection Regulation

For some marketers the very mention of future legislative framework changes and the mind immediately begins to wander. Add to that the words ‘Data’ and ‘Protection’ and it could instil fear, uncertainty and possibly a fair amount of doubt. The fact that the EU is involved is likely to add further concern. Such themes or topics as data portability, the right to be forgotten and how personal data is defined impact directly on many of us in marketing and these proposals are just too big to be ignored.

The DMA has put itself at the very forefront of the debate and led a cross industry working group bringing together many other industry bodies including; IAB, IMRG, Federation of Small Businesses, COADEC and other bodies. This initiative has been led by the team at the DMA along with lobbying efforts on multiple fronts headed by the Director of Public Affairs, Caroline Roberts. All DMA members have been both asked for input into the information that went to the Ministry of Justice at the start of this year which was submitted in September, the DMA’s Chair Scott Logie chaired a meeting with government late in October.

This is possibly the single biggest issue facing all DMA members, irrespective of channels used to communicate to customers, which is why at the Email Marketing Council level there have been discussions on the impact and we plan to use this blog to collect some of our thinking on the various elements of the proposed legislation.

This is where you, the readers of this blog as email marketing constituents come in – as elected representatives we want your input. As with any elected group, we have our thoughts and ideas which we’ve debated and discussed at council level. The proposed legislation presents some very evident challenges for email marketers. What we, as a council agreed to do is post a series on the key themes over the coming months which debate some of the key points – each written by one of our council members. Specifically debating a subsection of the proposed regulation along the lines of; here is what the EU’s proposal says and here is what it could mean for email marketers.

I am proud to serve a very active council and such a vibrant interest group as email marketing. The council has been active on a number of fronts and this blog is itself very well-read. The discussion and debate from within the email industry (which is you!) is what makes this an exciting and dynamic industry to be part of. I’d therefore urge and encourage all stakeholders to provide feedback on the forthcoming blog posts – I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings on these themes. You are of course also welcome to contact either me directly or any member of the DMA team.

Richard Gibson, Chair Email Marketing Council and Director Client Services, Return Path.

Fusion Marketing Experience

The DMA, is very proud to be a Media Partner with The Fusion Marketing Experience and is offering a 30% discount on the registration price. Fusion stands for integrated, international and connected, like in fusion cuisine.

With the taglines of ‘The New Marketing Cuisine’ or ‘How to cook up value for today’s gourmet customer’, Fusion Marketing Experience is a one day event on March 23rd, 2011 in Brussels.

Leading chefs such as our own Dela Quist of AlchemyWorx  and Kath Pay of DM Inbox, Dave Chaffey of Smart Insights, eCRM and e-mail marketing expert Gianfranco Cuzziol of  EHS 4D Group, Richard Sedley of Foviance, social media marketing specialist, Olivier Blanchard of BrandBuilder Marketing,  Trey Pennington, CRM, research and technology marketing expert Alfred den Besten from MarketCap and WordPress and SEO wizard, Joost de Valk of Yoast.com (just to name a few) will share their secret sauce of success with attendees!

Today’s consumer is a gourmet.
Marketers must use the proper ingredients  and channels to cook the right recipes with one purpose: satisfy the taste buds of people so they want more.

A stylish and intimate location.
The Fusion Marketing Experience will be hosted at the intimate and stylish, Maison Du Bois in Brussels with delicious food and an open bar. Keynotes will be kept relatively short to give participants the opportunity to interact with our marketing chefs in smaller groups and on a one-to-one basis.

Reserve your place today and use the discount code ‘fusiondma30′ to take advantage of the 30% discount.