EU Draft Data Protection Regulation – Data Portability

The next topic in the blog series on the new proposed EU data legislation looks at the area of ‘Data Portability’. Firstly let me clarify what that phrase means. The DataPortability Working Group defines it as “the option to share or move your personal data between trusted applications and vendors” – it’s really about the ability for people to be able to control their identity, media and other forms of personal data.… Read more

EU Data Protection International Transfer of Data

The development of technology has enabled businesses to act globally and be less limited by geographical boundaries. From our sofas we can shop online from almost any country in the world, companies can achieve a market presence in a country without having a single employee there; and in the world of iCloud and Dropbox we can access our files wherever we are, yet have no idea where they are actually stored.… Read more

The truth behind the buzz: what really made the difference in Obama’s re-election

One of the big stories in digital marketing in recent months has been about a campaign whose results have a major impact on people around the world – the US Presidential Election. Marketing pundits representing all channels have had an opinion on how Obama’s campaign led to his re-election but I would argue none was more significant than the use of email.… Read more

EU Data Protection Regulation – The Right to be Forgotten

Continuing with our series of posts reviewing the potential effects of the proposed EU Data Protection Regulation, one of the areas it addresses is an individual’s “right to be forgotten” by a business.  The specific wording is as follows:

“The data subject shall have the right to obtain from the controller the erasure of personal data relating to them and the abstention from further dissemination of such data”

This has clearly been written with Social Media in mind, for example, ensuring that Facebook users are able to completely delete their profiles if they so wish. … Read more

A further chance for your input on the proposed EU Data Protection Regulation

For some marketers the very mention of future legislative framework changes and the mind immediately begins to wander. Add to that the words ‘Data’ and ‘Protection’ and it could instil fear, uncertainty and possibly a fair amount of doubt. The fact that the EU is involved is likely to add further concern. Such themes or topics as data portability, the right to be forgotten and how personal data is defined impact directly on many of us in marketing and these proposals are just too big to be ignored.… Read more

Location, location, location, where to ask for email permission

What can you learn from your competitors? When it comes to email marketing I’ve been analysing the habits of the top 100 online UK retailers to understand what common good habits they have that enables them to get the best value from email marketing.

All email marketing has to start with an email address. If you’ve nobody to talk to the best message in the world won’t work.… Read more

What do consumers really want from their email?

In the media today, ether email marketing is associated with spam, and journalists complain that there is too much email flooding our inboxes, or they say that email is dead and will soon be replaced by social media. It’s all part of the “Fear and Loathing in Email Marketing”, that Dela Quist of Alchemy Worx is setting out to combat. Actually, what the DMA Email Tracking 2012 report shows is that consumers value the emails they receive from brands, and that customers are signing up to emails in greater numbers.I chaired the event last week, and can share some of the insights that came out of the report and the subsequent discussions.… Read more