Proposed EU Data Protection Regulation – Liability and right to compensation

We have been covering the proposed EU data legislation. The full changes to society and benefits from the internet are far from complete, but one thing is clear, in the future the strong countries and economies will be those that have the best digital capability. The EU Data Protection Regulation threatens to limit and slow the growth of the digital economy in Europe.… Read more

EU Draft Data Protection Regulation – Data Breach Notification

Anyone who is in the business of processing personal data will be aware of the proposed new EU Data Protection Regulation. It’s a pretty hot topic right now (as I’m sure you’d agree) as it represents the most significant global development in data protection law since the EU Data Protection Directive that was agreed over 17 years ago. This was clearly way before smartphones were in everyone’s pockets and internet access was in every household, so no one would deny the fact that in this age of mass information sharing, this piece of legislation is in need of some revision.… Read more

LinkedIn: No greater email marketing #fail than over-writing your customers preferences


I just got this  email from LinkedIn  Subject Line “A change to your DMA: Direct Marketing Association (UK) Limited digests” – the 3rd such email I have had this week about a group I belong to.
In it they tell me that they are going to ignore my mailing preferences and unsubscribe me from the group digests of which I get 1 a week a frequency selected by ME!… Read more

EU Data Protection Regulation – Subject Access Request

A lot has changed in the world since the EU Data Protection Directive was first introduced in 1995. The internet was just beginning and much less data was stored and transferred electronically than today. It is no surprise then that the legislation is being updated to meet the challenges of how global business is conducted in the 21st century.

The Data Protection Act of 1998 followed the EU Directive and one of the key rights for individuals was to give them access to their personal data on request.… Read more

A look back at email marketing in 2012

Well. Another year has passed by and sitting here pondering 2012, the first thought that comes to mind is just how much happened last year. It really was a busy year for marketers with so many events happening and email played a big part throughout – from the Olympics emails to the heavy use of email in the US elections.… Read more

EU Draft Data Protection Regulation – Data Portability

The next topic in the blog series on the new proposed EU data legislation looks at the area of ‘Data Portability’. Firstly let me clarify what that phrase means. The DataPortability Working Group defines it as “the option to share or move your personal data between trusted applications and vendors” – it’s really about the ability for people to be able to control their identity, media and other forms of personal data.… Read more

EU Data Protection International Transfer of Data

The development of technology has enabled businesses to act globally and be less limited by geographical boundaries. From our sofas we can shop online from almost any country in the world, companies can achieve a market presence in a country without having a single employee there; and in the world of iCloud and Dropbox we can access our files wherever we are, yet have no idea where they are actually stored.… Read more