July’s hottest topics in the email industry uncovered…

At the DMA Email Marketing Council meetings each week, we’ve lately got into a pretty cool habit of kicking off the meeting by sharing with the other members any noteworthy news items from the wonderful world of email since the previous gathering.

This week we had some really juicy topics on the table starting with one which probably warrants an entire blog post of its own.… Read more

Data protection self-defence

If you hadn’t noticed, domestic and international data protection laws are changing, consumers are getting greater protection and some of the proposals are causing concern in some industries.

The European Commission’s draft proposals for modernisation of the 1995 data protection rules are designed to improve trust between consumers and businesses in order to improve trade by building “a new gold standard of data protection” which the Commission hopes will become the international benchmark for data protection.… Read more

Your Industry Needs You!

Regular readers of the National Email Benchmarking Report will know that the report provides a valuable insight into email marketing trends in the UK.  This is particularly apparent in the latest report which highlighted the continued growth in email volumes. Growth which has seen email volumes grow at 58% over the last year, despite what has been a difficult couple of years for the marketing industry as whole.Read more

Email welcome campaign lessons from Sainsbury’s DM


A few weeks back I got a new Nectar card and used it for the first time last Saturday, clocking up my very first Nectar points.

Impressively on the following Tuesday the postman delivered me a piece of DM from Sainsbury’s.

This was no co-incidence, the opening line of the DM is “As you’ve recently picked up your first Nectar points at Sainsbury’s…” – a great lead-in line that immediately makes the content relevant to the reader.… Read more

Are high open rates holding you back?

Our findings last month on the Obama campaign caused a lot of debate but the bare facts of our analysis still stand – had Obama’s team optimized for improved open rates, their send volumes would have dropped and their all-important donations would have followed.

Open rates remain a widely used and hugely misleading measure of performance and engagement in the email industry.… Read more

Avoid these mistaken mobile email head-first tactics

Editor’s note: This guest post is written by Jordie van Rijn, the founder of emailmonday.


If you haven’t looked at all your marketing messages on the small screen, now is the time to do so. Mobile email is hot, and not in the sense of a hype, but in the sense that you need to take it into account.… Read more

Stop everything – we need to re-design for mobile devices

There has been a lot of talk over the past few weeks among various groups about whether or not mobiles have become so important that we should all be designing new templates for mobiles either optimised or using responsive design. A recent study by Blue Hornet says that 80% of people will delete an email on a mobile device if it doesn’t look good so this suggests that we should.… Read more