April’s Infobox: Recession-effective lead nurturing for B2B marketers

In this month's issue of Infobox, we have the following must read articles:

Recession-effective lead nurturing for B2B marketers

No matter the economic conditions, lead nurturing, which incorporates timely and relevant email messaging, should be a core part of any lead management strategy. However, it is especially important during this economic downturn when companies are hoarding their spending budgets. A well managed lead nurturing strategy will keep your prospects educated and informed about your solutions offerings and on par for a closed deal when they are ready to spend.… Read more

Email Marketing in a Recession

Sometimes its the simple things well executed that bring the best results.  This is certainly true in email marketing where a strong proposition clearly communicated will bring rewards. As markets continue to bump along in these recessionary times I thought it may be good to look at one of
my favourite examples of a great email marketing campaign we can all learn from.… Read more

Call for tenders for DMA EMC Blog Redesign

Our blog is almost one year old! And to celebrate we're looking to give it a new look and increased usability. So we're calling for DMA members who would like to tender to redesign the blog and assist us in making the most of this wonderful medium.

For a detailed brief to be sent to you please email me. (Agencies willing to work with the DMA on an exchange of services basis will be looked upon favourably.) Final submissions to be received by April 3rd.… Read more

Thriving in a competitive inbox

Have you looked at your own inbox recently?  If not, why not take a quick look now?  If it is anything like my own it is becoming increasingly crowded.  In fact I would guess that I am receiving 35% more emails a week in 2009 than I was receiving in 2008.

So why are we seeing an increase in the number of emails we are receiving? 

Well put simply, there are more people are now realising that email communications deliver real results!  But as more businesses start to reap the rewards from email communications, competition in the inbox will only get fiercer.  As a result, I have started to think about what factors can make your messages really stand out in the recipient’s inbox.  What is going to make recipients open your email rather than the others that are in their inbox?  And based on this research it is not going to be no easy task…

Consider how the email looks in the preview panel when no images are turned on

I recently received a flood of marketing emails within the space of a 30 minute meeting, when I returned to my desk I only actually opened one of them, the others were quickly deleted.  When I looked at what had influenced my decision to open that message rather than any other, it came down to the way the message looked in the preview panel when the images were turned off.… Read more

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics relating to Email

I have just read yet another prediction of the death of email. Mostly I just ignore them, but today’s eMarketer Daily with the subject line: 'Social Nets and Blogs More Popular Than E-Mails' is so shocking in its (mis)use of research and gratuitous brownnosing of social networking; that I felt forced to respond immediately.

The article begins as follows: “In the US and several other countries, more people use social networks and blogs than use e-mail.… Read more

Give your domain a health check

One factor which is often overlooked with regards to email deliverability is the health of a sending domain name. The actual 'from' domain plays a very important job when it comes to getting your emails delivered to your subscriber's inbox.

Apart from the (very important) basics, such as the power of brand recognition, there are many unseen factors to do with your domain name, which may be preventing your emails to be delivered as successfully as they could be.… Read more