Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics relating to Email

I have just read yet another prediction of the death of email. Mostly I just ignore them, but today’s eMarketer Daily with the subject line: 'Social Nets and Blogs More Popular Than E-Mails' is so shocking in its (mis)use of research and gratuitous brownnosing of social networking; that I felt forced to respond immediately.

The article begins as follows: “In the US and several other countries, more people use social networks and blogs than use e-mail.… Read more

Give your domain a health check

One factor which is often overlooked with regards to email deliverability is the health of a sending domain name. The actual 'from' domain plays a very important job when it comes to getting your emails delivered to your subscriber's inbox.

Apart from the (very important) basics, such as the power of brand recognition, there are many unseen factors to do with your domain name, which may be preventing your emails to be delivered as successfully as they could be.… Read more

B2B: Science or magic? Getting email timing right

This month's issue of B2B Marketing online published the following article:

Email experts Skip Fidura and Kath Pay of the DMA Email Marketing Council, give their insight into optimum times for email delivery.

One issue that confronts all email marketing is the problem of timing. As with so many things in life, timing can be everything; the creative can be exquisite, the contact list immaculate, but if you contact potential customers at a time when they're hurriedly flicking through a heaving inbox, or at a time when procurement is far from being a priority, all hard work will be undone in a crushing instant.… Read more

Consumer Views on Email Marketing 2009, a white paper

For me research is like seminars and events; it’s an opportunity to see what others are thinking, check your understanding and often come away with new ideas. Most of the research I’ve come across recently seems to be collected from either email marketers (users) or service providers. Indeed the email marketing council’s research does just that, survey client attitudes once a year and ESP (service provider) metrics once a quarter.… Read more

Infobox: Engagement is key – make it part of your strategy and watch your results boom

This month's issue of Infobox is now out.

Due to a great response to Stefan Pollard's interview on the art of segmentation a few issues ago, this month we've focused on segmentation in more detail and I hope you'll enjoy reading how subscriber engagement can be used for segmenting, and how segmenting can increase your deliverability.

Finally we also take a look at a campaign by Firebox in our regular feature 'campaigns we like', we check out some interesting findings in how consumers use email addresses and we share a great new guide from the US DMA/EEC on International Compliance – a must have if you do any international email campaigns.… Read more

Ready Steady Email Event – Edinburgh

Joint DMA and IAB half day workshop

This half day workshop is an educational networking event where participants will gain an insight into email marketing and all of its key elements.

You will gain all the best and most up-to-date advice on the benefits of email marketing.
Learn about strategy, creative, implementation, results and reporting to produce great work.
Networking time with speakers and delegates on a one-to-one basis.… Read more

DMA Email Marketing Council Elections – Congratulations

Congratulations to the following people who were successful in the DMA Email Marketing Council Elections – we look forward to receiving your posts on this blog!

• James Bunting, Head of Client Services, Communicator Corporation
• Denise Cox, Email Newsletter Specialist, Newsweaver
• Guy Hanson, Business Development Director, Database Group
• Rupert Harrison, NGN Data Planner, News International
• Kirsty Montgomery, Senior Int Email & Affiliate Marketing Manager, Hilton International Hotels
• Matthew Simons, Leader – Acxiom Digital Europe, Acxiom Digital  … Read more