“We sell or else”

This famous quote was on the office wall when I worked for OgilvyOne London. I am sure it still is and in fact is probably on the wall in every Ogilvy office around the world. This sentiment is as true today as it was when it was first used over forty years ago; a reaction to the various “short forms” of advertising that were prevalent at the time.… Read more

Go responsive in time for Christmas!

Santa is coming! OK, so it’s not quite time to get my Christmas albums out, but it’s definitely time to start thinking about your festive marketing strategy.

It really does pay to be organised with your email marketing, especially at the festive time of year. So, with the coming months leading up to what will undoubtedly be the busiest time of year, you should be taking a serious look at adopting responsive email design – it could mean the difference between a customer converting or deleting!… Read more

Email design change driving a 61% click increase

You can’t have missed the many reports and stats about the growing use of mobile devices to read email. Brands I work with are seeing anywhere from 15% to 70% of their emails being read on mobile devices. The average is 45% and the most popular email client, rated by number of emails opened, is now the iPhone, source http://emailclientmarketshare.com/.

The DMA have been testing a new mobile first email design.… Read more

Hot topics in email for August

Although August is the holiday season for most, the DMA Email Marketing Council is tireless in its quest to champion email and its dedicated members still met to discuss everything email, albeit with a few members missing.

The first topic discussed was the release of Return Path’s H1 2013 placements benchmark report and the headline statistic that 22% of permission based email worldwide fails to reach the recipients inbox.… Read more

Tabbed Inboxes: What It Means for Email Marketers

I read an article recently by Weightwatchers that 7 out of 10 Britons spend 20 hours a day seated or lying down (I must remember to go to the gym tonight) and according to SAP, 24 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2020.

More and more of us are accessing our emails at home, in the office, on the move, sat down or lying down and that brings me to the fact that email inboxes are changing.… Read more

Testing? Forget it at your peril!

Have you noticed just how overwhelming it is? The noise is loud, really loud!  The volume is set to ‘rock’ and the music is booming from the e-mail marketing tent. Where’s my invite? Where’s the party? I’m a big music fan, but today I’m not talking about Glastonbury or a cool party in the park. No. In this instance the tickets are free and the music is streaming from the industry.… Read more

Iran – powered by email?

Most marketers don’t typically look to Iran for inspiration on email but there are definitely some interesting things happening there at the moment.  Last week, for instance, saw the announcement that Iran has launched its own national email service. All Iranian residents from school age and upwards are now required to register for an email account, which will be assigned to them upon provision of their full name, postal address and, National ID number.… Read more