October’s Freshest Topics in the World of Email

So, on my debut as a blogger for the DMA Email Marketing Council it turns to me this month to share with you all the coolest and most interesting tidbits from the ever wider world of Email (we have fellow Council member Lucy Hudson to thank for the blog post covering that announcement).  As you may already know, the following are all taken from our monthly Email Marketing Council meetings and have now become one of the most popular sections, both for us and our readers. … Read more

Font colour change causes 74% click difference

A split test with identical results doesn’t mean there is nothing to learn. A case in point is the split test covered here. It shows how valuable lessons can still be found by looking deeper even though the split test gave identical overall unique clicks results.

By drilling into individual calls to action we found a 74% difference between the control and treatment.… Read more

Managing your Sender Reputation

Over the last decade or so, marketers have faced many challenges with deliverability (getting emails delivered to the inbox). Today, the most important factor associated with successful email delivery is entirely in your hands! As a marketer there are many different factors that you need to be aware of in order to successfully deliver email marketing campaigns; the most important of which is your Sender Reputation.… Read more

Benchmarking H2 2012 Report: The Email Renaissance?

Against a backdrop of headlines such as ‘Email Is Crushing Twitter, Facebook for Selling Stuff Online’* that can recently be found across the marketing press the DMA has just published the latest National Email Benchmarking Report for H2 2012. The positive coverage for the channel is not only very welcome after many years of “email is dead” reporting but highlights what regular Benchmark report readers already realise, that far from becoming an obsolete channel compared to its cooler digital cousin social media, the returns from email for generating measurable direct sales are unrivalled.… Read more

Segmentation driving email…driving segmentation

The 2013 DMA tracking study will be launched on October 17th.  I don’t think I’m giving enough away here to merit spoiler warnings, but I was surprised again this year by the number of consumers who still feel that they are not getting enough relevant emails.  Of course, there are many jolly happy punters, but still around one third of the respondents felt that 20% or less of the emails they received were relevant or interesting. … Read more

Content marketing’s underrated rocket fuel

When you launch a content campaign, you probably send an email to promote it to your database at some point. You might think that this email will only drive traffic from your current database, however my experience has taught me that by making email the first channel you launch on and with a little work, you can increase the conversion rate for people outside your database – i.e new visitors.Read more

“We sell or else”

This famous quote was on the office wall when I worked for OgilvyOne London. I am sure it still is and in fact is probably on the wall in every Ogilvy office around the world. This sentiment is as true today as it was when it was first used over forty years ago; a reaction to the various “short forms” of advertising that were prevalent at the time.… Read more