Ideas from the last Email Tracking Report and launch event

Back in October I attended the launch of the Email Tracking Report in London, which was a great event – with a great atmosphere and some refreshing new perspectives shared. It’s been a while and between moving jobs, I’ve been mulling over the findings from the report and the ideas shared at the event, and pulled a few together, with my own take on them here.… Read more

November: The World of Email

In our now regular slot we started the monthly council meeting with a round-up of the latest happenings in email marketing that the council members had come across. As ever there was a mixture of cool, useful and the slightly odd and I have shared the highlights below.

First up news from RPost’s, whose focus is on high value confirmed email delivery.… Read more

‘Strictly’ tips to use dynamic content to improve conversion

Dynamic messaging has been with us for some time (as has Strictly Come Dancing), but very few people realise the benefits preferring to simply batch it and blast it!

Dynamic messaging isn’t just another marketing buzzword. It’s a critical stage in the evolution from mass marketing to personalised, one-to-one marketing. But it goes beyond making sure that each customer and prospect receives a targeted message via his or her preferred channels.… Read more

October’s Freshest Topics in the World of Email

So, on my debut as a blogger for the DMA Email Marketing Council it turns to me this month to share with you all the coolest and most interesting tidbits from the ever wider world of Email (we have fellow Council member Lucy Hudson to thank for the blog post covering that announcement).  As you may already know, the following are all taken from our monthly Email Marketing Council meetings and have now become one of the most popular sections, both for us and our readers. … Read more

Font colour change causes 74% click difference

A split test with identical results doesn’t mean there is nothing to learn. A case in point is the split test covered here. It shows how valuable lessons can still be found by looking deeper even though the split test gave identical overall unique clicks results.

By drilling into individual calls to action we found a 74% difference between the control and treatment.… Read more