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About Kath Pay

Kath Pay is aCo-Founder and strategic email & digital marketing consultant with Plan to Engage.

In 2001 Kath Pay co-founded Ezemail, one of the pioneers of the email marketing industry in Australia, and expanded it into the UK in 2004 and prior to that she owned a small Web Design agency with extensive skills in HTML coding, designing, internet marketing and Search Engine Optimisation.

In the twelve years that she has worked in the digital marketing industry, Kath has participated in many of the industry activities that have seen email marketing become an essential channel for integrated digital marketing that delivers measurable return on investment. Key issues for Kath are email deliverability, creative, lifecycle marketing and email marketing best practices.

Kath has developed a reputation as an email marketing expert through her insights into the industry which are documented via the DMA Email Council's blog and is also a regular blogger on a well-read email marketing blog.

Kath is a member of the UK DMA's Email Marketing Council and is the Chair of the Events and Communications Hub. As part of her remit she is the Editor of the council's monthly newsletter Infobox, which has over 6,000 subscribers. She lectures at the IDM and is a regular speaker at industry events both nationally and internationally, including EEC Miami & Scottsdale, USA and Barcelona, Online Marketing Summit (OMS) London, IDMF London, Email Marketing Conference, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Email Marketing delivers the highest ROI (but we already knew that right?)

In Econsultancy’s latest Email Marketing Census marketers claim that Email Marketing delivers the best return on investment.

For the past 8 years Email Marketing has consistently been cited by marketers as having delivered the highest or second highest ROI compared to other channels such as PPC, Search, Direct Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing and Mobile Marketing.


And when asked the same question, the agencies have reported an even better return on investment as shown below.


What continually astounds me every time I see results such as this, is just how little marketers are utilising the strengths of this channel – yet despite this, Email Marketing is still coming on top for ROI.

This begs the question; what if we were to begin to really maximise the strengths of email marketing – or even performed the most basic processes to ensure maximum results from this channel?

To me, this is what makes email marketing very exciting. As marketers we’re not yet leveraging all that the email channel has to offer, yet it’s delivering the highest ROI – and even that isn’t acounting for all the results it delivers.  It also delivers results that aren’t attributed to it.  It drives traffic to other channels including offline and in-store and is one of the main drivers of traffic to a website.

As you can see in the below chart, some of the key processes or factors of an email campaign are getting very little attention – especially when compared to a typical campaign in other channels. 29% of marketers aren’t optimising their campaigns and the shocking thing to note (as seen in the report) is that his hasn’t really changed from the results of the 2008 census.


You can access the full Econsultancy Email Marketing Census 2014 Report here.

International Email Marketing Summit @YourDesk November 15th 2012

Chris Combemale
Join the Executive Director of the DMA, Chris Combemale and other renown email marketing experts at the 2nd virtual International Email Marketing summit being held @YourDesk on November 15th 2012.

Chris explores innovations for the direct and interactive marketing industry and will showcase examples of how brands can harness the power and personalisation of direct marketing to get closer to consumers and convert prospects into profitable advocates.


Twelve educational webinars with some of today’s most sought-after email experts,
including Case Studies from Thomas Cook and Philips! 

In addition to proven email strategies for 2013, we’re covering:

  • B2B and the role of email
  • Frequency – how many is too many?
  • Email as part of the Multi-channel mix
  • Using transactional emails to upsell & cross-sell
  • Using Loyalty to drive revenue
  • Social & email integration
  • Tactics to optimise conversions for Retail
  • Best practices in email design and engagement tactics for mobile devices

** Live and on-demand access right from your desk **

Check out the agenda and register now »

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Come in and out of the live show as your schedule permits, then catch anything you miss using our on-demand recordings, at your convenience.

Here are some tweets from our 1st summit in May:

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No Hang-Ups Here: How to Avoid Landing Page Disconnection

If your digital marketing campaigns aren’t giving you the results you want, don’t be too quick to blame your banner, retargeted display ad, paid search ad or email message.

Look one step down the line instead, to the landing page you set up for everyone who clicks on your link. Does it pay off what you promised or match the criteria you used to design your campaign? If it doesn’t, a lot of potential customers will get lost along the way.

I’m not just talking about ads that strand prospects on your homepage and force them to root around for what they wanted, although that’s certainly a common problem.

Here are three scenarios I’ve encountered recently:

“One Size Fits All”:  Here, the offer on the page doesn’t reflect the unique value proposition promised in the ad or email. This can happen if you use a common landing page for a series of email messages or display ads with different calls to action or PPC banners optimized for different sets of search terms.

You’ll likely attract a large population of visitors whose interests don’t match up with the content on the landing page, which results in a large bounce rate off the page

“These Are Not the Droids You Seek”: The content on the page doesn’t reflect your search keywords, whether they’re paid or organic.

If you optimize a paid search ad to rank high when customers type in “Cuisinart replacement work bowl,” Then send them directly to a page which features this product – don’t be tempted to send them to a general landing page where they then have to search for the product.

“Take It or Leave It”: The page doesn’t give your prospects anything else to do if they don’t want to act on your offer.

Not everyone who searches for something is ready to act. Many are just researching prices, models and features, or they’re just curious to see what’s out there. This is particularly so with email – where you’re pushing a promotion to them rather than them searching. So understand that they may not be in a position to act as they weren’t actively searching for this solution/product.

A “buy now” landing page doesn’t give them the information they want, so they’ll be more likely to bounce away fast. If you’re wondering why you have a high page bounce rate, maybe that’s the reason why.

Alignment: It Isn’t Just for Cars

How can an otherwise well-designed landing page end up being a dead end? Maybe one member of your creative team worked on your ads or emails, and someone else did the landing page, but nobody lined up the two side by side to see whether the ad and the landing page are aligned.

Aligning your landing pages with your ads is one of the most crucial steps in your creative workflow.

If you use Pay-Per-Click ads to drive customer acquisition and you have a landing page disconnect, you risk  wasting a big chunk of your ad budget on leads that go nowhere, not to mention the lost customers and then  you may possibly have to pay again for that same lead at a later time.

Plus, misleading or confusing landing pages make landing pages make you look untrustworthy – not the best impression you want to make, especially on first-time visitors!

How to Make Better Connections

Luckily, it’s not hard to make sure your offers align with your landing page. Here are three suggestions:

1. Use keywords and other written copy on your landing page that repeat or echo the terms in your banner, display ad, text message, email newsletter or banner ad.

Let’s say you use a Pay-Per-Click ad to drive email subscriptions (separate from links you add to your email messages or to trans-promo messages for customers who aren’t in your email database yet.

Your ad should not map to your standard opt-in page, because you probably will be talking to people who are not already familiar with your company or website.

Instead, create a landing page that provides more about your email program, such as topics, your privacy policy and sample issues. Go ahead and provide your opt-in data fields; you just have to sell a little more than you might to people who find you from your homepage or a product page.

2. Create a unique landing page for each ad instead of repurposing one landing page for all of your test ads or all the ads in a particular campaign.

You probably use different copy, keywords or images from one ad to the next; so, you’ll probably attract prospects with different needs and interests. Aligning each ad with its own landing page reduces your disconnection potential.

3. Offer multiple opportunities to connect on each landing page to appeal to people who don’t find what they want in your main offer.

No matter how well you structure your ad and landing page, not everyone who comes to your page from your text ad, paid link or email is going to snap on your offer. But they don’t have to leave empty-handed.

Add value-driven content, such as links to more product information, related or similar products, articles, contact information or a benefit-drive invitation to join your email program. Not only does this help you connect and increases the chance that they’ll convert the next time they come to your website, but you are also making the most of your budget, so you aren’t paying yet again for them to find you You now can be there in their inbox ready and waiting for when they’re ready!

One last tip: Add a quality-assurance step to your workflow process to double-check the language in the ad against the copy on your landing page, along with proofreading copy, making sure you have the correct images and – the final, absolutely most critical step – making sure the link actually works.

Event: Email customer lifecycle: List growth, May 22nd

May 22nd, 2012 8:30 AM   until   11:30 AM
15 Hatfields, London
SE1 8DJ, United Kingdom

The series is back for a third year and is a must for all email marketers looking to improve their ROI and explore the customer journey.

Join us for breakfast on Tuesday 22 May and hear how HostelBookers and Lucky Voice grew their databases. Speakers will also demonstrate how you can use social media and mobile to enhance your lists.

This first session is divided into two break outs:

New tips and tactics for email list growth
From offline to Facebook, this session uncovers database growth tactics that work. Richard Austin of Silverpop will draw on real life examples, including growth metrics and best practice guidance to help you do more with your next acquisition campaign.

HostelBookers will then present a multi-channel case study where they generated  a significant database growth!

How to optimise and test subscriber forms
Alchemy Worx will go through the most successful strategies for testing and optimising your subscriber forms.

Tim Watson of Zettasphere will round off this session with an outstanding case study from Lucky Voice. They achieved 112% list growth and you will hear the secrets of their success!

The day will finish with a lively panel debate where you can put your questions to the morning’s speakers.

To see the full agenda please click here

Other dates in the series are:

Email customer lifecycle: Conversion
Tuesday 17 July 2012

Email customer lifecycle: Retention
Tuesday 18 September 2012

Email customer lifecycle: Win-back
Tuesday 20 September 2012


Sponsored by

Phone: 020 7291 3349
DMA member (inc VAT) £ 0.00
Non-member (inc VAT) £ 36.00

Event: National client email report, 17th May

ay 17th, 2012 8:30 AM   until   11:00 AM


At this breakfast briefing we will be going through the findings of our annual client email report and key statistics to come out of the survey.

You will hear from leading travel company Opodo and find out what clients really think about email. You will get the answers to many email marketing questions: How important is email to clients? How much of their marketing budget does email account for?

Alchemy Worx, sponsors of the report, will pose the question Are marketers maximising the ROI in this channel and could outsourcing be the key to scaling up your email marketing programme?”

The morning will round off with a panel discussion where more questions will be asked and you can put yours to our host of experts!


8.30am  Registration and refreshments

9.00am  Welcome from the chair

9.10am  Research findings, Fiona Robson, managing director, Rocketseed and Anthony Wilkey, strategic client director, Emailvision

9.40am  Are marketers maximising the ROI in this channel and could outsourcing be the key to scaling up your email marketing programme? Dela Quist, chief executive officer, Alchemy Worx

10.05am  Email: Still my favourite channel, Olly Beckett, web editor, Opodo

10:35am  Panel discussion Dela Quist, chief executive officer, Alchemy Worx, Fiona Robson, managing director, Rocketseed, Anthony Wilkey, strategic client director, Emailvision, Olly Beckett, web editor, Opodo

10.55am   Closing remarks from chair

11.00am   End

Phone: 020 7291 3349


Where: The King’s Fund
11-13 Cavendish Square
London, W1G 0AN
United Kingdom

Register Now

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Join us at the International Email Marketing Summit on May 16, 2012

Register now for this virtual summit and learn all about the latest trends and best practices in email marketing without leaving your desk!

And it won’t cost you a penny/eurocent/dollarcent/… 

The DMA is proud to be a sponsor of this, the very first edition of the International Email Marketing Summit.

Not only will you be inspired by the latest tactics that work but you’ll also take away a list of action items you can implement immediately.

Featured speakers

  • Dela Quist, Alchemy Worx
  • Dave Chaffey, Smart Insights
  • Tamara Gielen, Plan to Engage
  • Denise Cox, Newsweaver
  • Riaz Kanani, Alchemy Worx
  • Kath Pay, Plan to Engage
  • Arianna Galante, ContactLab
  • Tom Bailey, eCircle
  • James Bunting, Communicator
#IEMS speakers

What’s on the agenda?

  • Beyond just selling: engaging with your subscribers
  • 7 reasons why your subscribers don’t respond
  • Tips & tricks for designing emails for a mobile audience
  • Inactive Subscribers: Prospects or Problem?
  • Creating a successful content strategy for email marketing: 8 Easy Steps
  • and lots more…

Infobox: Integrate social + email | Email deliverability | Free international email summit

In this issue of Infobox, there’s a lot more to integrating social media and email than just dropping in a few “share to social” icons. Dave Chaffey of SmartInsights, comes up with some inspiring examples of channel integration from the likes of uSwitch and Mothercare.

Dave Chaffey is among the speakers at a free, virtual International email marketing summit, which takes place on 16 May and is sponsored by the DMA.

Elsewhere in this issue, Simon Hill from Extravision analyses email deliverability across the globe and I reveal why I look forward to receiving e-newsletters from The Innocent Group in Campaigns we like.

Kath Pay, editor, Infobox
Co-Founder, Plan to Engage

PS – want articles like these delivered to your inbox twice a month? Then sign up to Infobox here!