Valuable Insights in the latest National Email Benchmarking Report

The National Email Benchmarking Report for the second half of 2011 has recently been released by the DMA and it once again provides marketers with valuable insights into trends and challenges within the email industry.

Join our good friend Mark Brownlow of as he delves into the issues facing email marketers and how they have changed over the years that this report has been produced.

The data for this report is sourced from a host of Email Service Providers representing the majority of ESP-sent volume within the UK, and features both quantitative and qualititative responses. Also, for the first time, we are able to present sector-level data for the Retail, Finance, Travel, B2B and Publishing industries!

As I’ve previously written about, these statistics are good as a starting point or yardstick for your programme, but ultimately marketers need to ensure they are tracking interactions as far as they can, and also fully understanding the metrics they are seeing. A great resource to use in combination with this year’s report is the whitepaper on Email Metrics & Measurement, authored by the experts which make up the DMA Email Marketing Council’s Legal, Data and Best Practice Hub – that way you can see what the trends are in the industry, identify how your own challenges compare, and begin to benchmark & prioritise your own programmes to maximum effect.

Perhaps you’ve laid awake at night thinking…

  • Are people sending more or less email?
  • Is there greater focus on segmentation, or has batch-and-blast made a comeback?
  • Is Deliverability still an issue?
  • How do response rates compare in different industry verticals?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in the National Email Benchmarking Report 2011 (2012 Edition)!!

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