Online Trust Alliance releases security framework document

The Online Trust Alliance (OTA) has just released a Security by Design Framework which includes a  set of security best practices aimed at organisations that run “interactive messaging ecosystems”.

The eight-page framework document was created in response to recent high profile data breaches. Spearheaded by the OTA, it includes input from  industry organisations, service and technology providers and major brands. It aims to drive the message that security and privacy must be taken seriously – and immediately – and provides guidance for adopting effective security measures .  “As marketers are increasingly collecting sensitive and personal data, ‘security by design’ needs to become part of the industry’s DNA for every new service, feature and process,” said Craig Spiezle, Executive Director and President of the Online Trust Alliance.  “This collaborative effort demonstrates a commitment to online trust and confidence and the vitality of the internet.  The willingness of businesses to make systemic changes while recognizing their role as data stewards, demonstrates leadership and a commitment to self-regulation.  We call on all organizations to embrace these efforts and help put trust back in email.”

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