The importance of auditing your processes

Virgin Blue has been fined AUD $100,000 for breaching the Australian Spam Act 2003, by continuing to send to recipients who have opted out.

Over an 18 month investigation, it was found that in a 2 month period alone, they sent emails to 10,000 recipients who had previously opted out. Virgin Blue state the problems were caused by a technical malfunction, but investigators claim that it happened over a long period and that Virgin Blue were not reactive enough.

So, as marketers what can we do to ensure this doesn’t happen to us?

Consider implementing routine audits of your technology; ensure that the unsubscribe link not only works but also is applied so that those who have opted out are unable to receive any more emails.

Audits of simple but essential processes such as this and your subscription process are often overlooked, yet should be done on a regular basis. I do many of these for my clients and am often surprised at how many broken links and faulty processes I find during these audits.

For example when was the last time you went all the way through your subscription process?  Clicked on your Privacy Policy only to find it the IT department has moved it? Updated your Privacy Policy to reflect any new activity on your website? You may well be unpleasantly surprised with what you find.

These audits can of course also be used to gauge the journey involved in this process and whether it can be streamlined to make it more palatable for your subscriber….stay tuned for a future post on this subject

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