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Experience is…..

The name we give to our mistakes according to Oscar Wilde. But how often do email marketers have or maybe more importantly take the chance to learn from their “less succesful” campaigns?

We all receive daily emails which, if we open them, and analyse them we can speculate what they have or haven’t done or what could be done better. I’ve taken three examples from my inbox which include

  • A regular email I never opted into 1st time,  but without an double opt in process means I get someones email (and they don’t)
  • An email that will look great (possibly) if it renders
  • An email that relies on me to have the time and inclination to sft what may be relevant to me

I’m sure we have all got a back catalogue of similar examples we wouldn’t show our peers but this “experience” is not something often shared in the war story success presentations.

This is one of the reasons the Ready steady email programme was set up – based upon a workshop structure it enables people to bounce ideas off each other and industry facilitators whilst working on a “safe” case study.

To get a feel for the event have a look at the video below:

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The good news is that the event is being run again twice before Christmas

  • Monday 1st Novemeber 2010 in London as part of the European email conference
  • 1st December 2010 in association with the Internet Advertising Board when it is being run as a FREE event.
    • You should always learn from your mistakes – but sometimes its cheaper, easier and quicker to learn from other peoples !

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