Comments surrounding the recent court ruling against John Lewis

As the comments surrounding the recent court ruling against John Lewis fly around fast and furious, I am concerned that everybody is weighing in without being in full possession of the facts.  I know that I don’t know what happened but what I do know is that the two scenarios that I have seen in the press are very different and therefore my opinion of the outcome equally different.… Read more

The Curious Case of Roddy the Spam Troll – Sky News Producer casting stones from his employer’s glass house

Sky News Producer and Data Directive litigation Troll Roddy Mansfield has apparently won his 3rd “victory” against a brand – in this case John Lewis, who (soft) opted-him-in for marketing by using a pre-ticked consent box after he had registered his details with John Lewis’ website.

This was breathlessly reported on Sky News as “Spammer To Pay Damages After Court Victory,” Roddy – the spam troll argued that “an opportunity to opt-out that is not taken is simply that.Read more

Are you delivering to vulnerable email users?

An interesting discussion topic was raised during a recent DMA meeting; one which is highly relevant in terms of email marketing, however isn’t as widely discussed or documented as you’d expect. That topic was:

How well do you understand your recipients’ needs?

Sound like you’ve heard this before? As an email marketer, I’d assume if you’re sending targeted communications based on recipient preferences or behaviour and you’d consider yourself as having asked this fairly recently.… Read more

A Privacy Policy that Wins Business

Business is built on trust and trust is built on transparency. Both the DMA and ICO have long urged companies to be clear with their customers as to what data is collected and why.

As soon as you act in a way that a customer doesn’t expect or makes them feel abused, then any hard work previously done building trust immediately evaporates.… Read more

Email Marketing delivers the highest ROI (but we already knew that right?)

In Econsultancy’s latest Email Marketing Census marketers claim that Email Marketing delivers the best return on investment.

For the past 8 years Email Marketing has consistently been cited by marketers as having delivered the highest or second highest ROI compared to other channels such as PPC, Search, Direct Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing and Mobile Marketing.


And when asked the same question, the agencies have reported an even better return on investment as shown below.

Read more

Speaking Your Customers’ Language

I ran an all-day customer workshop recently with one of our customers, a rapidly growing online retailer.  There were seven of us in the workshop altogether; myself, three colleagues and three key people from the customer (one technical, one commercial – the founder, in fact – and one marketing).  The meeting went well and we covered a lot of ground, however one of the things that slowed us down a little early on (and I have come across this in the past) was the fact that we weren’t always talking about the same thing, even though we thought we were. … Read more

How far can email play the April Fools Game?

As a trusted channel, email is not usually the focus when it comes to April fools jokes.  We typically scour the newspapers every year, trying to spot which are the real stories, and which are the April Fools.

Was the Holy Grail really found in Spain? Will Man Utd’s Old Trafford Ground be renamed in a deal with Nike? Did a man really lose 14 stone from Morris Dancing?… Read more